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Jeffrey WobbletonSystem AdministratorArlington 911

Jeffrey L Wobbleton has over 40 years of experience in various public safety roles, including 911/311 Operations, law enforcement, technology and intelligence sharing. Mr. Wobbleton has been recognized for innovation that include the remote 911 call-taking initiative during the COVID crisis while serving as the City of Alexandria's 911/311 representative, nurse triage for low acuity patients and now No call transfer for CAD2CAD. Currently, he is the Systems Manager at Arlington County 911. Mr. Wobbleton started as a Maryland State Trooper and over the years progressed from Trooper to technologist. He is a leader in technology and operational activities, such as Next Generation 9-1-1 systems design and deployment, nurse triage, remote call taking, along with coaching and mentoring programs, for large-scale operations and projects in PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points). Mr. Wobbleton has actively contributed to communication planning and implementation for various major events, including National State Security Events with large attendance numbers and complex coordination requirements. In my most recent role as a System Manager at the Arlington County Emergency Communication Center, Mr. Wobbleton is tackling several major projects in the National Capital Region on information sharing, including the CAD2CAD- No Call Transfer. Prior to that, Mr. Wobbleton served as the Chief of Operations at the District of Columbia Office of Unified Communication, managing a team of over 400 personnel and ensuring efficient emergency service operations and was a key individual for nurse triage implementation. As the Assistant Director/CIO for the City of Alexandria 911/311, Mr. Wobbleton led the implementation of innovative initiatives such as remote call-taking, a nurse triage call process, and new 311 telephone system to help with stopping the spread of COVID in the 911 center.