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Unbreakable Connectivity to Enhance First Responder Situational Awareness


Neil Jamieson  (CEO, Hypha)


Jared VandenHeuvel  (Director, Public Safety Solutions, Texas Department of Public Safety)

Charles Laird  (Program Specialist, Div. of Broadband and Digital Equity, NC Department of Information Technology)

Location: W230B

Date: Wednesday, March 27

Time: 11:20 am - 12:20 pm

Track: Incident Management, First Responder Communications

Topic: Backhaul, Broadband, Cloud Connectivity, Critical Infrastructure, Drones, FirstNet, Interoperability, IT & OT, IoT, Private Networks, Project Management, Satellite, Situational Awareness, Spectrum, System Resiliency, Video, TAK

Format: Panel Session

Vault Recording: TBD

In this panel, experts focus is on leveraging satellite connectivity for backhaul and mesh networks to ensure uninterrupted internet access for seamless integration of critical situational awareness tools. The discussion addresses encountered challenges, adopted solutions, and how these innovations can fundamentally transform the operational effectiveness of first responders in the field.

Identifying Operational Challenges and Solutions: First responders frequently confront connectivity hurdles in remote or disaster-stricken areas, impeding effective communication and situational awareness. Utilizing satellite connectivity for backhaul and mesh networks extends internet access, guaranteeing reliable communication and seamless integration of situational awareness tools.

Implementing Game-Changing Technology: Learn how to deploy satellite-based backhaul systems and mesh networks, ensuring connectivity in remote or disaster-prone areas. Explore successful implementation case studies, resulting in heightened situational awareness for first responders.

Optimizing Field Operations: Discover how unbreakable connectivity enhances situational awareness tools like TAK, Esri, Adashi, and 3AM's Florian, without terrestrial network coverage. Understand how these tools seamlessly integrate into field operations, enhancing response times, decision-making, and overall operational efficiency.

Strategies for Integration and Sustainability: Gain insights into developing strategies for the sustained integration of these technologies into first responder operations, ensuring continuous connectivity and improved situational awareness. Explore funding options, partnerships, and best practices to enable ongoing advancements and ensure efficient utilization of innovative communication technologies for first responders.

Attendees will leave with a thorough understanding of how to harness satellite connectivity and mesh networks to amplify situational awareness and actionable insights to implement these solutions within their teams, ensuring seamless communication and safety in challenging operational terrains.