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P25 Users Present: Case Study Chameleons - Unique Scalable System Solutions


Stephen Nichols  (Executive Director, Project 25 Technology Interest Group)


Alan Massie  (Electronics Engineer, Federal Bureau of Investigation)

William DeCoste  (Program Mgr-Statewide Agencies Radio System (STARS), Virginia State Police)

Greg Holcomb  (Director/Lake County E911 Coordinator, Lake County Public Safety Communications)

Dylan Earle  (Business Solutions Manager, Tait Communications)

Location: W240A

Date: Tuesday, March 26

Time: 2:25 pm - 3:25 pm

Track: First Responder Communications, State & Local Government

Topic: Critical Infrastructure, Funding, Interoperability, LMR, P25, Situational Awareness, System Resiliency

Format: Panel Session

Vault Recording: TBD

The diverse variety of P25 System Architectures and available frequency bands creates a "chameleon-like" quality to a series of real world case studies presented on this panel. Veteran P25 System Administrators and policy planners will offer a first-hand view of their experience with P25 technology. A description of their P25 Systems, architecture, and governance models will be shared. A detailed look at individual best practices and lessons learned to maximize interoperability, performance, and cost-effective communications for their First Responders will be offered. Requirements for local agencies to join the P25 systems and for manufacturers to offer P25 compliant products on the system will be described.

P25 Case Studies will Include: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) pioneering new secure shared P25 talkgroups for their Federal users and P25 State and Local Systems, New Zealand's new nationwide P25 Hybrid Network merging LMR and Broadband data capabilities, Virginia STARS System that has successfully offered multi-vendor interoperability for First Responders and Federal Agencies, and Lake County Florida’s regional P25 system linking their local agencies with other P25 systems for interoperable Incident Communications.

Key Takeaways
• How is P25 delivering First Responder interoperability nationwide in New Zealand, statewide in Virginia, and regionwide in Lake County, Florida?
• What sharing is available between Federal Agencies and State and Local governments in the real world
• What P25 Issues have been resolved and lessons learned from these unique P25 System Case Studies?