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Alan MassieElectronics EngineerFederal Bureau of Investigation

Mr. Massie began his career as an Electronics Technician in the United States Coast Guard, servicing radio, communications security, and other communications equipment, serving four years. After a short time in field service at Honeywell, he then began a career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where he has served for 40 years. At the FBI Alan has served as an Electronics Technician until 2003, and since then as an Electronics Engineer, all of that time in the Radio Engineering unit. Alan has served as the FBI program manager for microwave systems supporting the radio system since 1998. Since 2011 Alan has been participating in the APCO P25 standards process and represents the US Justice Department on the P25 Steering Committee. In 2019, in addition to his other duties, Alan began serving as the FBI program manager for High Frequency (HF) radio communications.