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Mark O'BrienPresident/CTOSpectraRep

Mark O'Brien is President and CTO of SpectraRep. His company developed technology that enables broadcast television signals to deliver computer data. Pubic television stations nationwide have deployed this to support public safety, especially in remote areas where LMR, internet and other wireless networks are limited. The datacasting technology he developed delivers encrypted and targetable video, files, alerts and other data to specifically targeted recipients using nothing more than a TV antenna and special receiver. This mature capability has been deployed in small communities, large cities and entire states for more than 20 years. Mark brings his background in satellite, digital television, IT systems, IP networking and software design to the new challenge of delivering Internet content to underserved communities. Mark has 40 years of broadcast industry experience including technology, management, operations, and consulting. He is well known within public safety and public television as a thought leader and innovator. NOTE: for some reason I am not able to enter my URL in the above website URL box. It rejects, but that is a valid URL.