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Timothy KaneOperations ManagerArlington 911

Mr. Kane has been a public safety professional for over 36 years starting with law enforcement and now currently in the 911 field. Mr. Kane is a third-generation Police Officer, and has performed various roles, including Uniform Patrol, K9, and Special Operations. Due to a line-of-duty injury, Mr. Kane started new career in the communication industry of 911. Mr. Kane was motivated by the events of September 11, 2001, to re-enter the first responder community as an emergency telecommunicator. Joining Calvert County Emergency Communications in 2006, Mr. Kane rose through the ranks of a call-taker, dispatcher, CTO, Supervisor and eventually, manager of the Training Section, QA/ QI, Hiring, and FOIA. I earned the NENA ENP credential in October 2020, additionally, in July 2021, I obtained the CMCP certification, further augmenting my knowledge and skill set. In addition to my work in emergency communications, Mr. Kane made contributions to incident management and disaster response. As a member of the State of Maryland Type-3 All Hazards Incident Management Team, Mr. Kane fulfilled key roles as LOGS/COML-T and OPSC-T. Through active participation in FEMA exercises and deployments, including my role as the Operations Section Chief for the county's COVID-19 response have gained invaluable experience in effectively managing complex operations amidst challenging circumstances. Currently, Mr. Kane is the Operations Manager for Arlington County, where he plays a key role in advancing the agency and leading the National Capital Region in the implementation of cutting-edge technologies. As part of the Management TEAM, we have spearheaded initiatives involving AI-assisted call-taking, remote call-taking, and remote dispatching, that has enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency services. Mr. Kane is part of the CAD2CAD No Call Transfer Project in the National Capital Region.