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How Digital Alerts are Transforming End-to-End Emergency Response


Karin Marquez  (Chief Public Safety Brand Officer, RapidSOS)


Chris Noell  (Chief Product Officer, Raptor Technologies)

Rachel Sarabia-Duarte MPA, PMP, ENP  (Operations Director, El Paso 9-1-1 District)

Location: W240C

Date: Wednesday, March 27

Time: 11:20 am - 12:20 pm

Track: 911 & Alerts, Incident Management

Topic: AI, Cloud Connectivity, Critical Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, NextGen 911, Situational Awareness, System Resiliency, Video

Format: Panel Session

Vault Recording: TBD

Today, data from connected security and safety devices has evolved far beyond a collection of individual alarms to tell a fully comprehensive emergency story to 911 telecommunicators.

Join our panel of safety experts as we explore the evolution of data in the context of public safety. During this session, panelists will shed light on what emergency data meant 25 years ago when it was first introduced to this industry and how the Digital Alerts of today are able to convey the entire emergency narrative without the need for a conventional phone call.

Discover how this shift in data collection and transmission is revolutionizing public safety operations, enabling quicker response times, more informed decision-making, and ultimately, safer communities. Be part of this insightful session to gain a deeper understanding of the potential unlocked by next-gen data and its pivotal role in shaping the future of public safety.

Key Takeaways Include:
-An overview of the evolution from individual alarms to comprehensive digital alerts
-Insights on how digital alerts drive more efficient emergency response without the need for a phone call
-Examples of how connected devices are providing ECCs with comprehensive incident details during emergency situations