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Broadband PTT for Public Safety - LMR, Console and Logging Interoperability


Josh Lober  (President, ESChat)


Kacy Greene  (Director, State, Local, and Commercial Sales, Intrepid Networks)

Roman Kaluta  (Director, Interoperability Solutions - Public Safety Liaison and Customer Advocate for JPS Interoperability Solutions, JPS Interoperability Solutions, Inc.)

Thomas Kelley  (Public Safety Communication Technician, Nassau County Sheriff's Office)

Location: W240A

Date: Tuesday, March 26

Time: 10:20 am - 11:20 am

Track: First Responder Communications, Incident Management

Topic: Broadband, Interoperability, LMR, PTT, System Resiliency

Format: Panel Session

Vault Recording: TBD

A detailed overview of broadband PTT technology with real-world examples of LE applications at the federal, state and local levels. Mission specific examples of non-uniformed and uniformed applications. We will discuss standalone broadband PTT deployments and integrated deployments that include: LMR, Console/CAD and logging/recorder system integration.
Benefits include:
- Access LMR radio channels from mobile device
- Scalable disaster response comms
- Rapid field deployment in crisis situations
Participants will take away an understanding of the technology benefits, options and costs.

Vendor and customer will both present, with time reserved for attendee Q&A. Presentation shall be via powerpoint and will include live devices for attendee participation. Presentation shall include strategies used by LE in successful regional interoperability deployments w/statistical usage metrics.

Innovation, Trust, and Community Connections
We will highlight broadband PTT technology advantages that include: enhanced coverage area, voice and message privacy (AES-256 encryption), reliability and security, and focus on the unique advantages of multi-agency response communications.

We will drill down on three modes of interoperability. Inter-Carrier PTT Communications (Verizon, FirstNet, T-Mobile, others), Inter-System PTT Communications (broadband, LMR, CAD, Console, Logging recorder), and Inter-Vendor (Interoperability between competing broadband LMR technologies).

In recent highly-visible response crisis events, inter-agency communication that solely relies on LMR technologies have been identified as a weakness in response management. Disparate LMR technologies, coverage limitations, frequency band plans all limit response communications. A fully interoperable communication platform not only enhances response communications, but also provide the public with confidence that first responders can manage crisis events.

Like cell phone communications, native broadband PTT solutions are not stored for disclosure purposes. However, standard call logging recorder solutions that are already integrated with agency LMR solutions can also be can be integrated with certain broadband PTT solutions. Further, broadband solutions that include multimedia messaging also store messages per local disclosure requirements.

Other solution advantages include: integrated secure group multimedia messaging and enhanced situational awareness with integrated live geo location tracking & mapping. We will address the benefits of multi-tenant cloud hosted service, private cloud hosted service and on-premise hosted service.

Learning Objectives
• Understand the operational and cost advantages of broadband PTT technologies.
• Understand the advantages of broadband standalone and hybrid communication solutions.
• Activate a 60-day free trial for use and evaluation within their own department.