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Scott WrightSr. Telecomm Engineer II, Dept of Emergency Service and Public ProtectionState of Connecticut

Scott Wright is the Senior Telecommunications Engineer 2 with the Connecticut Department of Emergency Service and Public Protection and has worked for the State for over 33 years. In his role with the State, Mr. Wright oversees the dramatically expanding P25 State trunked & conventional radio system. He serves as the Co-SWIC, Statewide Interoperable Executive Committee Technical Committee Chair, RPC19 (vice chair and technical committee chair), RPC8, is a local frequency advisor, and serves on a number of other committees, including: P25 Steering Committee, the Federal Partnership for Interoperable Communications, The Project 25 User Needs Working Group (co-chair), and the PTIG Board of Directors.

Mr. Wright has several decades of experience solving interoperability problems, including relevant experience solving interoperability across ISSI connections among components in the State of Connecticut and between adjacent metropolitan LMR systems (i.e., New York Metropolitan), and is heavily involved in the Project 25 Steering Committee, and serves as co-chair of the Joint SAFECOM-National Council of Statewide Interoperability Coordinators (NCSWIC) Project 25 (P25) User Needs Working Group. Mr. Wright is the Connecticut co-SWIC, serves on numerous emergency communications-related committees, and holds multiple Federal Communications Commission (FCC) licenses and industry certifications including Emergency Number Professional (ENP).