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Bart van LeeuwenSituational Awareness ExpertSATraining EMEA

Bart van Leeuwen combines a unique set of experience in the fire service, IT industry and academia, which allows him to provide fresh perspectives on issues involving data usage and human factors. As an “outside the box” thinker, he helps fire departments to approach their information problems differently. In this process, technology is not the answer, it's an enabler and should be treated as such.

He is serving for more than 25 years in the Dutch fire service in various positions in both career and part-time fire departments. He currently serves as a company officer in a large career fire department. Previously, he served as an instructor and has been involved in various innovative projects at various departments.

At Netage B.V. he leads a team of data specialists constantly looking for smarter ways of dealing with available data for the fire service. He has served on various data standard bodies, helping shape important standards and recommendations both in the fire industry and beyond.

He is a group associate at the User Centric Data Science group at VU University in Amsterdam where is a regular lecturer on the subject of data in the fire service. Furthermore, he guides both bachelor and master students during their thesis projects.

He is a Certified Master Instructor and can deliver the programs of Situational Awareness Matters! in Dutch, English and German

He delivered various keynote addresses at both technology and fire related conferences around the world, and he is a frequent speaker on Smart data for Smarter Firefighting.