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Brad StoddardStatewide Interoperability CoordinatorState of Michigan

Brad Stoddard serves as the director of Michigan’s Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS) and the Statewide Interoperability Coordinator (SWIC). His daily role includes administration of a statewide 800/700 MHz digital trunked radio communication network that spans 59,415 square miles and includes more than 300 radio towers, over 106,561 radios, 5,100 800MHz pagers, integrating 88 dispatch centers with 455 consoles, and more than 2,000 agencies. Under Stoddard’s direction, the internationally recognized statewide P25 network adheres to national standards to ensure a stable and secure framework for interoperable communications between local, state, federal, tribal, and private first responders while also pushing the envelope to integrate and aide in the develop of new technologies that will leverage the existing statewide public safety communications investments. The daily operations and strategic direction of the MPSCS consists of managing a staff of more than 150 employees and an annual budget of $52 million that facilitate the annual operations and maintenance of the system while encompassing long term planning for future operations and technology adoption.