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Eric PeniataCaptainCity of Riverside Fire

Professional Overview:
Fire Captain Eric Peniata embarked on his esteemed career with the City of Riverside Fire Department in January 2001. Throughout his tenure, he has consistently exhibited high energy, unwavering pride in his profession, and a strong inner drive to excel. Currently assigned at the Technical Rescue fire station on in Midtown, Eric serves as a Fire Captain on the truck company and is a pivotal member of the Technical Rescue Team, specializing in low-frequency, high-risk incidents.

Technical Rescue Expertise:
Eric's role on the Technical Rescue Team involves specialized training in various areas, including rope rescue, structural collapse techniques, confined space, trench and swift water rescue. Additionally, he plays a crucial role in the CA-TF6 National FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Team, offering his skills as a rescue specialist, technical search specialist, communication specialist, and medical specialist. As a longtime member of both of these teams Captain Peniata has been deployed locally as well as throughout the country on several occasions to assist in rescue efforts.

Leadership in Information Technology:
An invaluable asset to his department, Eric possesses a keen understanding of information technology, particularly in the electronic age. He has actively contributed to the fire service communication and technology committees and programs within his department and nationally since 2004. Eric conducts research on communication equipment, performs in-house repairs, new technology testing and collaborates with vendors to ensure that fire department and fire service has cutting-edge equipment at optimal value. His commitment to enhancing radio and data communications has earned him the respect of both supervisors and peers nationwide

Committed to Continuous Improvement:
In addition to his specialized roles, Eric handles day-to-day operations as a diligent Fire Captain. Whether responding to emergency incidents, ensuring seamless communication operations behind the scenes, or engaging in training activities to refine his and teams skills, Eric's commitment to providing top-notch service is unwavering.

If you're looking for Fire Captain Eric Peniata, you'll find him at the forefront of emergency incidents, optimizing communication operations, or immersed in training activities. His multifaceted expertise, leadership, and dedication make him an indispensable member of the City of Riverside Fire Department, contributing significantly to the safety and efficiency of emergency response efforts.