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Steve MillerCTOThe Digital Decision

Career Highlights:
Steve is a consummate professional with the highest integrity who demonstrates superior human relations, communications and management skills. Throughout his career, Steve spent most of his time in leadership. In his role at ISP, Steve served as the senior administrator of the nation’s largest statewide criminal justice information network (LEADS), wireless mobile data network (IWIN), statewide LMR network managing 21 manned communications/PSAP centers. During his career at Verizon, Steve was dedicated to supporting State and Local Public Safety, as well as DOJ, FBI, DHS, DOD and other National Security agencies.

•Graduate, Valedictorian, Criminal Justice Administration, Illinois State Police Command College
•Bachelors, Valedictorian, Criminal Justice Administration, University of Illinois

Major Accomplishments:
•Steve began his public safety career in 1974 as a deputy sheriff and joined the Illinois State Police in 1976.
•In 2002, Steve retired from the Illinois State Police as the CTO after serving 30 years in law enforcement.
•In 2002, Steve joined Verizon’s public safety team and served as Director of their National Security Team.