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Justin EvansRadio Systems ManagerMontgomery County TX

Justin is the Radio Systems Manager for the Montgomery County Hospital District. Montgomery County is a northern suburb of Houston, Texas and covers over 1,100 square miles including two major north/south highways, several major railroad lines, a major recreational lake and a national forest. Within that geographical area, the District’s radio system also provides communication support for law enforcement, fire and other public service entities. In this position, he is responsible for the operation and maintenance of two 800MHz Simulcast systems and a VHF Simulcast system. Justin also oversees the District’s other communication networks including an extensive microwave network used for point-to-point communications between the various radio system components and the telephone and VOIP systems for all of the District’s facilities. Justin is involved with, and has served on, multiple committees, taskforces, coalitions, users groups and panels to help improve public safety communications. Justin firmly believes that building relationships, sharing information and best practices is what public safety communications is all about. He currently serves as an active member of FPIC (Federal Partnership for Interoperable Communications) participating in the ISSI/CSSI Working Group to improve ISSI/CSSI. Justin played a key role in the county’s adoption of IFC 510 which requires emergency responders radio coverage in new buildings including enhancements and testing to ensure the protection of public safety radio systems.