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Andy DavisManager P25 StandardsMotorola Solutions

Andy currently manages Motorola Solutions activities associated with Project 25 standards and TIA-TR8 associated work. Andy received his BSEE from Iowa State University in 1982 and has worked for Motorola Solutions for 37 years. During this time, Andy has held a wide variety of responsibilities associated with Public Safety Land Mobile Radio systems. This includes both technical and managerial positions for System Engineering, System testing, product development, Customer support, Sales support and Training. Andy has served as the Chair of the TIA TR-8 Mobile and Personal Private Radio Engineering Committee since October 2014. To date, this TIA Engineering Committee has produced and maintains all documents found in the P25 Suite of Standards. Andy is also currently the chair of the TIA TR-8.8 Broadband Data Systems Engineering Subcommittee and acting chair of the TIA TR-8.1 Equipment Measurement Procedures Engineering Subcommittee.