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Remote Site Monitoring - Averting an Incident


Dan Munsey  (Fire Chief, San Bernadino County Fire)


Ken Pokigo  (CTO, Director of Eng., TX RX Systems)

Cheryl Boyer  (Technical Sales Engineer, Sinclair Technologies)

Elliott McNeese  (Senior Systems Engineer, Tait Communications Americas Region)

Location: W230B

Date: Monday, March 25

Time: 3:50 pm - 4:50 pm

Track: Incident Management

Topic: Cloud Connectivity, Critical Infrastructure, Drones, IT & OT, IoT, System Resiliency

Format: Panel Session

Vault Recording: TBD

If connected properly, sensors can provide information that can help prevent outages or damage. Monitoring and controlling this remote data can be key to averting incidents before they happen or allow the appropriate personnel to address as quickly as possible via the detection of abnormal activity. For example, a notification for a downed power line can happen as soon as the connection is broken, initiating a kill switch to the power in that line before it hits the ground and starts a fire. Or it can assist in the maintenance and upkeep of a system, such as drones providing visibility to communications towers, so humans don’t need to climb. In addition, sensors can provide insights into physically remote equipment, saving manpower and time by limiting the need for personnel to visit a site.

In this session:
Discuss connected devices and data accessibility
Examine how data can be collected remotely for myriad systems
Explore how to make that data useable and actionable either immediately or over time to avoid a crisis