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Optimizing Off- and On-Grid Energy Costs with New Technology


Arthur Sams  (Co-Founder, President and CEO, Polar Power Inc.)

Location: W230D

Date: Wednesday, March 27

Time: 8:15 am - 8:45 am

Track: Utilities, First Responder Communications

Topic: Critical Infrastructure, IT & OT, System Resiliency

Format: Power Session

Vault Recording: TBD

The telecom industry currently produces 4% of the world’s carbon emissions, and this is expected to grow to 20% with 5G, IoT, and Edge computing. The high-energy consumption presently goes unnoticed by most "green organizations" and government agencies. With trends toward electric vehicles, increased use of air conditioning, and all electric homes, grid power should become less available and more expensive. Generators and batteries are major maintenance items at a cell site. With optimum component integration maintenance can be significantly reduced. Most site operators are not aware of the current technologies which can save fuel, utility electric, and maintenance costs. Very few companies offering advancements in energy storage, clean fuels, and solar attend telecom conferences. The 5G rollout increases the sites’ power requirements which will lead to increased problems with battery life, Lead acid thermal run-away, and wet stacking of generator engines.

Key takeaways:
Tower operators and MNOs can provide reliable electrical power to off grid and on grid sites
Discover opportunities in energy storage and clean fuels
Examine how the 5G rollout changes the power requirements for sites