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Enhancing Responder Safety at a Crash Through Interoperability


Brian Tegtmeyer  (Coordinator, National 911 Program, NHTSA)

Location: W230D

Date: Thursday, March 28

Time: 2:50 pm - 3:20 pm

Track: Incident Management

Topic: Interoperability, NextGen 911, Smart-X

Format: Power Session

Vault Recording: TBD

Discover the vital collaboration between key agencies and emergency responders working to ensure safety in the field during roadway incidents. The session will delve into interoperable networks, providing valuable insights for those dedicated to enhancing public safety on our roads. Furthermore, it touches on the evolving technology and their impact on first responders such as smart vehicles, advanced automatic crash notification systems and electric vehicle technology. Explore how both NG911 and wireless networks such as FirstNet can provide critical information flows relating to these responses. Real-world use cases will be showcased to emphasize the significance of post-crash care and highlight the pivotal roles played by EMS and 911 services to illustrate strategies for improving communication and data sharing. Join us to discover how these initiatives aim not only to save lives but also to revolutionize the future of roadway incident response. This session offers a unique opportunity to be part of a safer future for our nation's highways.

Takeaway #1: Improving Interoperability Communications On Scene
Attendees will gain insights into how better interoperability among various emergency response units can streamline efforts and improve outcomes. This session will delve into the comprehensive approach the U.S. Department of Transportation is taking to integrate these interoperable communication protocols into their roadmap to zero fatalities.

Takeaway #2: How Better Communication Can Improve Patient Care
This session will focus on the importance of effective communication in delivering critical post-crash care. Participants will learn through real-world use cases how improved coordination between EMS, first responders, and 911 can significantly enhance outcomes for crash victims.

Takeaway #3: The Future Is Electric: Adapting to EVs and Advanced Crash Notification Systems
First responders and the public must adapt to the ever-changing landscape of vehicle technology, especially electric vehicles (EVs). This session will outline the challenges and strategies for EV extraction and discuss the impact of advanced crash notification systems on emergency response protocols.