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Case Study: Interoperability into Statewide P25 Network Without Vendor Lock-Ins


Tina Mucha  (Chief Marketing Officer, Omnitronics Inc.)

Location: W230B

Date: Thursday, March 28

Time: 12:10 pm - 12:40 pm

Track: Federal Government, State & Local Government

Topic: Critical Infrastructure, Funding, Interoperability, P25, PTT, System Resiliency

Format: Power Session

Vault Recording: TBD

For many public safety agencies, operating on limited resources and having to manage radio systems can be a challenge. The agency described in this real-life case study faced this exact problem when they had to connect multiple public safety departments across the city. The department decided to tackle the problem by implementing interoperability into their statewide P25 Phase 2 Network with a Tait DMR T3 system. As a result of this successful implementation, they were able to improve communication between first responder teams across the city. This case study will discuss the key issues that had to be addressed by the department, as well as provide an overview of the solution. Finally, it will shed light on how their system enabled them to overcome the communication challenges they were facing and meet their ultimate objectives of efficient inter-agency collaboration and improved response times. Additionally, the capability to expand their system and adding further capacity without vendor lock-in is only the start of their journey.

Attendees will learn what alternative options are available to integrate into statewide P25 networks
A case study blueprint for achieving interoperability across multiple agencies
An understanding of interoperable technology, systems, and protocols that can be connected without vendor lock-in
Cost saving ideas that can make their project a reality without breaking the bank