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Advancing the GIS Basemap Workflow


Rodger Mann  (Director of Product, RapidDeploy)

Location: W230D

Date: Thursday, March 28

Time: 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Track: 911 & Alerts

Topic: NextGen 911, Situational Awareness

Format: Power Session

Vault Recording: TBD

GIS is a leading initiative across 911 agencies and is the foundation of establishing the richest source of location information for emergency response teams.

The evolving social, economic, and environmental systems around us make it imperative that localized information is updated, reflected and properly visualized in the latest emergency response platforms.

As Next Gen 911 location information evolves, new critical data layers, from 3D GIS data, floor plans, Z-Axis and more, are being integrated into unified mapping platforms, creating accurate and detailed pictures of local landscapes to support more efficient and effective emergency response.

This session unpacks the critical components of delivering basemaps that meet the current and future needs of public safety, provides perspectives on new GIS standards and protocols, and explores the advanced world of rich GIS information, where data is amassed from a variety of sources, including imagery from satellites, drones, and aircraft, local authoritative GIS databases, commercial GIS providers (e.g., ESRI) and more.