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5G-Powered Secure Remote Connections

Ritesh Mukherjee  (Senior Vice President and General Manager, Inseego Corp.)

Location: W230A

Date: Tuesday, March 26

Time: 11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Track: State & Local Government, Utilities

Topic: Backhaul, Broadband, Cloud Connectivity, Critical Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, IoT, System Resiliency

Format: Power Session

Vault Recording: TBD

Government and critical infrastructure operations require providing access to unprecedented real-time information in the field. Remote offices, field workers such as first responders, food and agriculture inspectors, law enforcement and military personnel, critical infrastructure and utilities, intelligent hyperconnected public services such as health care, and others can benefit from using 5G for connectivity. This presents a new challenge of providing secure communications from 5G devices over public and private networks to the MEC or cloud. In this session, explore how secure Wi-Fi, FIPS 140 encrypted channels, network redundancy, and government clouds can be combined intelligently to provide secure remote access. Examine through three actual use cases:

o Spike Reply applied 5G to monitor oil and gas deployments to resist physical intrusion and environmental damage in Germany.
o Federal agencies employed 5G to connect government sites in the Middle East securely.
o J. Loew and Associates connected surveillance cameras to AI engines over 5G for monitoring properties in suburban Philadelphia.

These examples reveal a blueprint for cyber-secure 5G connections to connect any device anytime and anywhere. Participants will walk away with how to deploy privileged access management, utilize FIPS 140 encryptions, and manage data over 5G between user devices and secure government clouds.