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Keir TomassoPresident/CTOSUB U

Keir Tomasso has worked in the Defense Industry over the last 23 years, and previously over a decade in the consumer electronics & cellular telephony industries. Over the last two-decades Mr. Tomasso has been involved in the design, development, production, fielding and sustainment of over 350,000 NSA certified Type 1 COMSEC devices and NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified Comprised Solutions that are used to protect the United States Government and DOD’s, as well as our international allies, classified voice, data and video networks. Over the last two decades Mr. Tomasso has been involved with several Government and industry working groups involved in the development of security protocols and security product design requirements in support of the protection of classified information. Mr. Tomasso is considered an expert technologist and innovator in the protection of classified communications. Mr. Tomasso has obtained 8 patents over the last two decades, with several more currently in process. Mr. Tomasso is the president and CTO of Sub U Systems, and SUB U Systems proudly is the only company in the world who has develops custom single appliance Commercial Solutions for Classified Comprised Solutions in support of US Gvt and Military customers with atypical use cases.