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Mauricio SubietaEnergy CTONokia

Dr. Mauricio Subieta is the Energy CTO for North America, leads the Industrial Cyber Security Program and is the technical lead for the Private Wireless Networks (LTE and 5G) Nokia’s Enterprise division, that focuses on the energy segment including electric utilities, oil and gas, and mining. Dr. Subieta completed his undergraduate studies in Systems Engineering (BSc) at the Bolivian Catholic University in 1997 and his master’s and Doctoral degrees in Telecommunications Management and Electrical Engineering at the Oklahoma State University in 2002 and 2006, respectively. He was awarded the Fulbright scholarship for his graduate studies and was a distinguished researcher at the Advanced Communications and Systems Engineering Laboratory at OSU. His work experience includes almost a decade as security and network architect at Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG+E); more than five years supporting the oil and gas industry (Devon, Chesapeake Energy, etc.) as a wireless network engineer; and more than 10 years performing research in cyber security, telecommunications, and teaching graduate level courses at different institutions of higher education. Dr. Subieta’s areas of research and expertise cover next generation wired and wireless networking architectures (5G), network traffic characterization and optimization, protocol design, system development, and cyber security for industrial control systems and networks.