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Louis LibinPresidentBroad Comm, Inc.

Louis Libin is President of Broad Comm, Inc and Vice President for Spectrum Engineering and Strategies at Sinclair Broadcast Group. Louis has extensive planning and operational experience in Special Event Planning, for event management, for public safety planning and for media coverage. Louis Libin has received extensive training from law enforcement, FEMA and DHS. Louis received a citation from the White House (WACA), Two citations from USSS and one citation from the FBI. In January 2002, during a Code Red FBI pursuit of terrorists, the FBI airborne radio system was compromised. Louis was able to take charge and organize a solution to get the FBI helicopters back in the air. Libin has worked internationally on wireless and communications development in: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Myanmar, Thailand, and Paraguay, as well as in Central American; Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Libin has provided workshops on equipment and technology to international regulatory agencies such as Ofcom in the UK and Industry Canada. Louis is ATSC 3.0 Rapporteur at the ITU in Geneva, vice chair of ATSC PT6 and vice chair of IT5 Tower Network Implementation Team. Broad Comm, Inc: In 1996, Louis founded Broad Comm, Inc., a consulting group specializing in cyber security, advanced television broadcast, interactive TV, Intellectual Property and wireless communications. Election Wireless 2021: Louis Libin is chair of ElectionWireless2021, the Political Conventions and Presidential Inauguration Frequency Coordination Committee, an FCC recognized position. Sinclair Broadcast Group: Louis Libin is Vice President for Spectrum Engineering and Strategies at Sinclair Broadcast Group, responsible of spectrum scenarios and national development and deployment. HC2 Broadcasting: Louis Libin was Managing Director of HC2 Broadcasting, a primarily low power wireless group. Cybersecurity: Libin has worked with cyber security in many countries, including Saudi Arabia, Israel and Myanmar. NBC: Louis Libin was Chief Technology Officer for NBC and was responsible for satellite, wireless and communication issues for General Electric and NBC. Libin was CTO for NBC and led all other GE divisions in wireless development and wireless and licensing and regulatory technologies. Libin designed and implemented wireless projects worldwide. Mr. Libin led many successful projects, including satellite systems, a cost effective, highly precise time and frequency standard used by communications networks. Libin led a team which developed optimized transmission of digital signals over the broadcast/satellite path. Government: Advised regulatory agencies including: The FCC, US DOS, Industry Canada, Ofcom (UK), NATO Communications. NYC: Louis developed a successful conferencing and security project for Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. US DOS: Libin worked with The Global Technology Corps (GTC) -- a program of the US State Department's Office of International Information Programs in South Africa (media training), Bosnia (first post-war multi-ethnic TV network), Honduras (Internet and computers integration) and Poland (digital communications) ITU: Mr. Libin is active at the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and is now a special rapporteur for bringing ATSC 3.0 into the ITU process, most notably, the Handbook on Digital Television systems that is used by administrations deciding how to move forward in the future. Since 1989, Mr. Libin has represented the United States on satellite, transmission, digital television systems, interactive systems, spectrum, including Broadcast Auxiliary Spectrum, and IPTV issues at the ITU. WACA, NATO: Libin has advised WACA on spectrum issues. Libin has been instrumental in planning NATO events in the US and other events for the US DOS. Major Event Communications Manager Louis Libin has participated in Live Global Events and ran the communications and coordination in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Berlin, Bolivia, Canada, China, Columbia, Denmark, Diego Garcia, El Salvador, England, France, Germany, Greenland, Guam, Guantanamo, Honduras, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mexico, Monaco, Morocco, Myanmar, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Tahiti, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey Louis Libin coordinated the communications including Public Safety for the following major United States Events: Red Bull Air Race Series, NY/NJ, Dallas, Indianapolis Multiple Reality TV Show production Moto Races Many Bike Races including Tour of California Marathon Coverage, NYC, Boston and others Radio City Music Hall The Riot Games, U.S and Canada 2015-2019 Disneyland National Football League, College Football, Canadian Football Multiple Super Bowls National Hockey League – all games Academy Awards Grammy Awards Saturday Night Live Papal Events: The Pope's Visit to NY, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. Pan Am Games Over 50 NFL and College Football Games Over 150 PGA (through 2020), and USGA Golf events, including US Open Golf Events 2000-2020 Over 30 NBA Major events, ie. All Star Games Major League Baseball All Star and World Series Events Goodwill Games, Lake Placid NY, 1998 Desert Storm Homecoming Parade - 1991 Statue of Liberty Rededication – 1986 Over 30 NBA Major events, ie. All Star Games Over 25 Tennis Major Events, ie. US Open events 2000-2018 2015 World Alpine Skiing Championship, Vail CO And more, including ALL RF coordination of events in New York City and International events. U.S. Government Related Events: Appointed Special Coordinator by the FCC for Multiple Washington DC Events Presidential Debates Across the U.S. in 2019 and 2020 7 Presidential Inaugurations and Inaugural Balls, Concerts & Special Events Numerous Special Events at the White House and throughout the U.S. for WACA Camp David Summit Liberty Weekend NATO Events Worldwide US State Department events 2012 G8 (Camp David) and 2013 NATO Summit (Chicago) 2018 US State Department: US World Leaders Summit International Events where Louis was instrumental in the communications planning and enforcement: - Olympics: Seoul 1988, Atlanta 1996 Olympics, 2002 Salt Lake City, Sydney 2000 Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010 and London 2012 - France -Euro Disney - Marnee La Valle - Germany -Movie World - Bottrop - Greece- 2004 Summer Olympics – Athens, Opening and Closing Ceremonies of Olympic Games ATHENS 2004, Eurovision Song Contest, Athens 2006 - Hong Kong - Ocean Park Amusement Park - Indonesia- Jakarta SEA Games - Israel- Maccabiah Games – Haifa - Japan -CBS broadcast facility Winter Olympics – Nagano, Disneyland – Tokyo, TBS remote recording and broadcast facility – Tokyo, Multiple NHK Productions Globally - Korea- Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 1988 Summer Olympics, Seoul - Mexico - Bicentennial Celebration - Myanmar - SEA Games and TV Studios - Saudi Arabia- Centennial Celebration of the Northern Region – Medinah - Spain- Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 1992 Summer Olympics, Barcelona - Thailand - TV Broadcast - Venezuela- Radio Caracas Recording and Broadcast Studios – Caracas