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Louis LibinVP, Spectrum Strategy & EngineeringOne Media

Louis Libin has received extensive training, over 30 courses from law enforcement, FEMA and DHS. Louis received a citation from the White House (WACA), Two citations from USSS and one citation from the FBI. In January 2002, during a Code Red FBI pursuit of terrorists, the FBI airborne radio system was compromised. Louis was able to take charge and organize a solution to get the FBI helicopters back in the air. Louis Libin is President of Broad Comm, Inc and Vice President for Spectrum Engineering and Strategies at Sinclair Broadcast Group. Louis has extensive planning and operational experience in Special Event Planning, for event management, for public safety planning and for media coverage. Louis is a graduate of the ELP program at the Center for Homeland Defense and Security, a college at the Naval Postgraduate School, sponsored by DHS and FEMA. Libin has worked internationally on wireless and communications development in: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Myanmar, Thailand, and Paraguay, as well as in Central American; Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador. Libin has provided workshops on equipment and technology to international regulatory agencies such as Ofcom in the UK and Industry Canada. Louis is ATSC 3.0 Rapporteur at the ITU in Geneva, vice chair of ATSC PT6 and vice chair of IT5 Tower Network Implementation Team. Louis is on the FCC's WRC Advisory Committee.