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HP LeDomain SpecialistVerizon

HP Le currently supports the Verizon Frontline (Public Safety) "above the network" portfolio including Intelligent Video, Automated License Plate Recognition, BriefCam Video Analytics, and Real Time Response System (RTRS).  He is also involved in projects related to Smart Campuses/Communities and Physical Security where real-time communications and data can enhance situational awareness and serve as a true force multiplier.  HP is passionate about technology and can help navigate the complex dependencies required for successful smart/safe city/campus deployments.  HP Le has 20+ years of experience in the IT/Telecommunications space, and held technology certifications (MCSE, Cisco, Oracle) in the past.  He welcomes the opportunity to contribute to thought leadership and engage visionaries who understand the benefits of people-centered design and open standards for interoperability, scalability, and resiliency.  Whether it is AV/CV, 5G/MEC, Drone as a First Responder and/or other sensor technology use cases leveraging the current/future infrastructure investments in sensors, power sources, or the networks of the future is full of opportunities and challenges for us humans to get excited about.