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Steve HronekCEOComsec Associates, Inc.

Professional Biography Mr. Hronek became interested in radio and electronics when he was seven years old, and radio has been his passion throughout his life. At present, he has 46 years of experience as a wireless technology professional. This includes 23 years as a consultant to public and private sector clients in the design, implementation, management, and operation of radio communications systems. He also has 23 years of government experience, 19 years of which as a senior government technology manager, creating and managing the Interagency Communications Interoperability System, the countywide multi-agency Project 25 trunked radio communications used by over 70 agencies, and most of the independent cities of Los Angeles County. Since retiring from government, he has become the preeminent independent third-party Section 510 CFC ERRCS/DAS/BDA inspector in the Los Angeles area, and is the sole third-party Section 510 CFC plan-checker and inspector for many Los Angeles area jurisdictions. He also provides ERRCS compliance consulting support to developers, conducts training seminars for Fire Prevention Officers and system integrators, and prepares Section 510 CFC code sections and regulations for AHJ's.