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Jianmin FongDeputy Director of Capital Program Delivery, CaltrainCaltrans

Jianmin Fong currently serves as the Deputy Director of Capital Program Delivery at Caltrain, where she has responsibility for overseeing capital projects delivery. A defining aspect of her career is her unwavering passion for process-driven quality management. Her ability to blend her management and technical skills with a keen understanding of systems engineering principles. Her holistic approach ensures that every project she touches benefits from a thorough understanding of its broader context and objectives. She firmly believes in a successful system engineering framework is the linchpin of the quality of the project. Her dedication to ensuring that quality is woven into every facet of a project is a testament to her commitment to excellence.

She has worked at the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) and the San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (SFMTA) on billions and hundreds million-dollar projects, holding a variety of roles:

· Program Director: With extensive experience in program management, Jianmin has led large-scale initiatives in the public transportation industries. Her strategic vision and leadership have been instrumental in the successful execution of complex programs.

· Group Manager of System Engineer. As a Group Manager, she championed the introduction of system engineering processes into project procurement. Her initiatives include incorporating business analysis in the project planning phase to align objectives among the executive team, ensuring projects are strategically sound from the outset. She has advocated the development of an agency technology roadmap, aligning it with the agency's strategic goals. The roadmap should become a guiding policy, influencing capital funding decisions, project priorities, and high-level design criteria.

· Project Manager: Jianmin has demonstrated exceptional Project Management skills, including the establishment of project teams and processes. Her management consistently delivered projects with full transparency, showcasing her ability to navigate intricate project landscapes with precision.

· Project Engineer: Her technical prowess and attention to detail shine in her role as a Project Engineer, where she has been responsible for upholding the technical integrity of the System Design Life cycle, ensuring that every phase meets stakeholder’ needs,

Jianmin is a licensed Electrical Engineer in the state of California with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering focused on Power and Automation, complemented by a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering specialized in Telecommunication and Microwaves.