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Rodney CooperManager, Business DevelopmentT-Mobile

Rodney Cooper has been with T-Mobile since 2001, where he began his communications career serving the Public Safety community across western Virginia.  Rodney’s experience in emergency and disaster operations began April 16, 2007 where he led T-Mobile’s (formerly Sprint) Emergency Response Team’s mission in support of local, state, and federal first response and law enforcement agencies responding to the Virginia Tech active shooter incident. 

Today, Rodney directs strategies that influence how T-Mobile supports the whole ecosystem of public safety and emergency management including Technology Development, Deployable Communications, Enterprise Incident Management, Government Relations, Corporate and Non-Profit Alliances, and Cross-Sector Partnerships. During his career at T-Mobile, Mr. Cooper has led T-Mobile’s ERT response in over 75 significant planned and unplanned events such as the December 2021 tornado outbreak, Christmas Day explosion, Hurricanes Dorian, Michael, Florence, Maria, Irma, & Sandy, Gatlinburg Tennessee Fires, and numerous other man-made and natural events. Rodney has also led T-Mobile’s public safety support across multiple National Special Security Events, and National, State, and DoD level exercises, and other public safety driven events.