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Officer Brock BrunsonStrategic Plans Office of Community PolicingChicago Police Department

Officer Brock Brunson has been with the Chicago Police Department (CPD) for the last 4 years, currently working in the Office of Community Policing under the Office of the Superintendent. He also serves as a reservist with the U.S. Air Force. Brock is the founder of the law enforcement innovation technology company Bureau of Innovation, LLC, and is a full-stack developer, proficient with multiple programming languages and deep learning libraries. In his tenure with CPD, Brock has pushed forward the transition to a "mobile-first" approach to website and app development, spearheading the development of a mobile recruitment app for CPD candidates and a public safety app intended to keep Chicago residents more connected and engaged with the police department. In his role as the founder of Bureau of Innovation, LLC, Brock developed the "BlueBible: Police Guidebook" mobile app now used by over 7,000 police officers. Recently, Brock was also a participant in PSCR's mobile fingerprint challenge; his machine-learning driven mobile fingerprint capture smartphone app "BluePrint" received a PSCR Innovation Award and $12,500 in prize money. Brock is passionate about using innovative approaches to solve real-world problems, with an emphasis on seamless UX/UI design, approaching development from an end-user perspective. Brock is also an avid world traveler and polyglot, proficient in Italian, Spanish, and French, having lived overseas for most of his adult life prior to joining the Chicago Police Department.