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What Up, Doc? Social Media Deployments in the PSAP

Terry Burnworth  (President, Pyramid Consulting)

Location: Convergence & Collaboration Theater

Pass Type: All Access, Expo Only

Format: Expo Theater

Vault Recording: TBD

This session is about the utilization of social media in the PSAP. There are two approaches for social media deployment in the PSAP; Outgoing and Incoming This session will focus, at a high level, on the outgoing use of social media channels by the PSAP. The PSAP is going through changes at a rate that has never been seen before in modern times. Most of the changes have focused around technologies and human resources. The concept of a PSAP utilizing social media channels to support the ongoing operations of the organization is a subject that has had very little published materials. Outgoing or promotional subject matter deployed through the various social media channels can be a tool for the PSAP to communication to the public. Standard operating procedures (SOP's) will need to be amended to include the deployment of social media as a communication tool for the PSAP. This session will provide real-world examples of various social media deployments for PSAP's as well as other types of public safety agencies. The examples will include common protocols used for social media channels and content development as well as use of hashtags and QR codes. The second approach to social media deployment in the PSAP is much more complex, since it involves utilizing social media information as part of the information gathering for emergency situations. This subject will be addressed in a completely separate session, since there are SOP and filtering issues that need to be included as part of the utilization of the material. 1. Different types of social media channels 2. Deployment strategies for PSAP's, 3. Examples of social media deployments in PSAPs