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The Future of In-Building Communications – Focus on Public Safety

Bill Schrier  (Public Safety Consultant, Seattle Police Department)

Alan Perdue  (Executive Director, Safer Buildings Coalition)

Doug McElroy  (Principal RAN Engineer, AT&T. HQ RAN)

Michiel Lotter  (CEO, Nextivity)

David Wiginton  (Vice President, Wireless Services, AFL Enterprise Services, Inc.)

Location: N261

Date: Tuesday, March 22

Time: 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

Track: In-Building Wireless

Format: Power Session

Vault Recording: TBD

For years, public safety agencies have sought opportunities to have additional in-building communication resources for their toolboxes that would enhance their communications capabilities beyond that of just land mobile radios (LMR). Today, that opportunity exists. Communication technologies such as LMR, LTE, 5G and others for public safety and the public’s use are converging. Why is this important? As this transition evolves, it is imperative that stakeholders fully understand how to properly identify and evaluate how these technologies will coexist as a component of required life safety ecosystems. With technologies like the Nationwide Broadband Network known as FirstNet now being included into the model codes and standards, the public safety game is changing, and it is important to have knowledge of the rules of engagement.

This interactive panel discussion will bring together experts from various stakeholder groups to discuss important details related to LMR, LTE, 5G and beyond that must be considered when providing life safety solutions.


In-Building Infrastructure: It's a Whole New Ballgame
2022 will mark a turning point in how the connected ecosystem perceives in-building wireless infrastructure. Industry and end users have traditionally segregated in-building wireless into commercial cellular (carrier), LMR (public safety), private networks (end user owned), and WiFi, each with their own physical layers, vendors, manufacturers, and stakeholders.
In truth, the evolution from stovepipe systems to converged infrastructure has been happening for several years. But common perception has put vendors and associations (even the Safer Buildings Coalition) into discrete boxes. In order to realize the full possibilities of scale, end-user value, and industry opportunity, it is essential that these perceptions transform in sync with reality to see that these perceptual lines are forever blurred. The common elements are: physical layer infrastructure, expertise, service providers, and money.

This Power Sessions series, moderated by the Safer Buildings Coalition, invites leadership from end-users, FirstNet by AT&T, neutral host providers, public safety officials, and market experts to examine the business, technical, regulatory, and market impact of the new in-building wireless paradigm. If you are in the in-building wireless space, understanding these reality-shifts is essential to properly plan for 2022 and beyond: you cannot miss this series!