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Spectrum, The Path Forward

Joe Hanna  (Principal, Directions)

Track : Policy Issues

Format: Short Course

Vault Recording: TBD

What is the path forward for Spectrum -- Dedicated/Shared/Licensed/Unlicensed?? Join a panel of Wireless Hall of Fame and industry icons of the US wireless world speaking on the future of spectrum allocation and use. Spectrum, the lifeblood of every form of wireless communications, will be impacted by near term spectrum policy formulated by the FCC and NTIA and will shape the future of the wireless industry. This panel will consider conflicting alternatives related to the future of spectrum policy and discuss ways to balance the reality of often incompatible and occasionally mutually exclusive needs within the widely varied community of spectrum users.


• How spectrum policy can balance the needs of commercial enterprises vs public service users (public safety, utilities, health care, etc.)
• How spectrum policy can balance dedicated spectrum allocation vs. shared use
• How spectrum policy addresses potentially conflicting licensed vs. unlicensed uses
• How spectrum policy promotes/stymies innovation