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Situational Awareness: Putting Data on the Beat

Kirk Arthur  (MS Worldwide Public Safety & Justice Director, Microsoft)

Location: N257

Date: Tuesday, March 22

Time: 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm

Track: Situational Awareness

Format: Power Session

Vault Recording: TBD

Public safety agencies from around the world currently maintain a complex network of on-premises databases that are isolated from one another and require users to manually access each system individually. There is a growing trend around the world for system consolidation and integration, as well as development of a shared-resource IT model, to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. The frequency and severity of natural disasters and large-scale events are forcing public safety officials to audit their IT environment and review their data resiliency posture. Their inherent technical gaps are causing them to explore modern solutions. Based on these trends, there is a growing need to integrate internal and external systems (CAD, RMS, criminal databases, CCTV, and social media) and leverage ML/AI to elevate actionable information during a time of crisis. There is also a growing interest to ingest and rationalize community and crime information to build predictive policing models and adjust operational staff as needed.


- Understand current global strategy and trends for data correlation
- Learn the challenges of data integration (policy to data management)
- Discover what options exist to help get clear situational awareness from ingested data sources