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SCADA CYBER SECURITY: Your Firewall/VPN is not Enough

Todd Dixon  (President, JPS)

Keir Tomasso  (President/CTO, SUB U)

Location: N262

Date: Tuesday, March 22

Time: 10:00 am - 10:45 am

Track: Cybersecurity / Security, Critical Infrastructure & Private Networks

Format: Power Session

Vault Recording: TBD

Critical infrastructure that impacts our daily lives relies on remote IP-connected SCADA equipment - and hackers know it. Multitudes of inexpensive and widespread SCADA sensors and controls remain totally unprotected due merely to the logistical difficulty of reaching them all. Some SCADA installations are protected by traditional firewalls, but this protection extends the corporate network to the remote site, thereby increasing the attack surface and the motivation for hacking. This is not just a potential cyber security nightmare; attacks occur constantly. This talk will discuss these threats and explain how to prevent them, while also protecting the corporate network from intrusion.


Gain an understanding of why hackers are so interested in observing and manipulating SCADA equipment and the massive potential for damage to critical infrastructure and the people that infrastructure serves.

Learn how IP-connected SCADA equipment is vulnerable to attack by hackers, and how SCADA equipment with traditional types of protection remains vulnerable.

Discover how to protect systems from both remote hacking and physical tampering.

Explore a real-world case in which one bad actor threatened the health of the community through a water supply attack.