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Proceed with Care: AI and IoT — A Potentially Powerful Combination

Walt Magnussen  (Director, Texas A&M University ITEC)

Robert High  (IBM Fellow, VP & CTO, IBM Networking & Edge Computing, IBM)

David Blankinship  (Senior Technology Advisor, Western Fire Chiefs Association)

Will Egner  (Sr. Director of Wireless Strategy, Axon)

Dick Mirgon  (Public Safety/FirstNet Consultant, Public Safety Broadband Technology Association)

Location: N255

Date: Wednesday, March 23

Time: 1:15 pm - 2:30 pm

Track: AI, IoT & Smart-X

Format: Short Course

Vault Recording: TBD

Smart cities, smart grids, smart buildings—the “SmartX” revolution is alive and well, driven by a host of IoT sensors that are generating tons of potentially valuable information that could improve the speed and quality of responses (to emergencies or other circumstances). But this unprecedented amount of data is too much for humans to handle. Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to help in this critical area, parsing through massive amounts of data to flag anomalies, use algorithms to make relevant projections and automatically communicate findings to those who can take quick, effective action.

But the emergence of AI also raises a host of unanswered questions. From a technical and operational standpoint, where in the network should processing to take place? How can false alarms be limited? When do decisions need to be made by a human, and when can AI direct actions? Ethically and legally, how should privacy and bias-related concerns be addressed?

Join our expert panel to delve into these and other issues related to the use of AI and IoT.