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Perspectives on Wireless in the Healthcare Environment

Andrew Ruschak  (RF Analyst Technical Projects Manager, Providence Swedish Medical)

Pass Type: All Access

Track: Interoperability, In-building Wireless

Format: Power Session

Vault Recording: TBD

Please join this discussion to gain a unique perspective on the how the various radio-based and other wireless technologies work together in the healthcare environment to support caregivers during these challenging times.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals have been thrust into the spotlight to provide critical care under excruciating operational conditions. Often functioning as small self-contained cities, modern hospital campuses rely upon a wide range of wireless technology solutions to maintain operational effectiveness. Wireless solutions often face unique challenges in the healthcare-built environment. These wireless infrastructures span legacy to evolving technologies and find a unique crossroads within the healthcare environment.

Some wireless systems and topics covered in this presentation include:
•Public Safety and Enterprise LMR
•Private and Carrier digital Paging and other messaging Systems
•Emergency Management Disaster Communications/EMCOMM
•Code-compliant ERRCS DAS and cellular LTE signal reinforcement
•Interference and enterprise spectrum management
•Wireless Infrastructure implementation challenges in the healthcare-built environment