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NG911 Interoperability and Conformance Certification

Walt Magnussen  (Director, Texas A&M University ITEC)

Joan Quintana  (Associate Director, Texas A&M University ITEC)

Michael Fox  (Senior Associate Director, Texas A&M University ITEC)

Location: N255

Date: Thursday, March 24

Time: 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm

Track: Interoperability, 9-1-1 / Control Rooms

Format: Short Course

Vault Recording: TBD

The NG911 standards have been developing and improving since 2003. With the NENA i3 Version 3 now ratified by ANSI it is now time to make sure that our systems all conform to these standards. This will improve interoperability, reduce costs and enhance capabilities in the long run. To be able to ensure this conformance the Department of Homeland Security has funded phase II of the Interoperability Conformance Test Suite development. The certification would be a part of the DHS CAP program. Just having interoperability within NG911 networks alone is not enough however. Emergency calls originate mostly from the wireless networks today, are passed to the NG911 ESInets then end up in the Dispatch CAD systems and the sometimes in the hands of the first responders across the public safety broadband networks. These network to network interconnections need to be agreed upon, documented and tested. That process is beginning with the NENA ICE 10 event but this is just a starting point. The session will discuss the interconnections as described in a recent NENA standard. It will also describe ITEC development efforts in this space.


The attendees will:

* How NG911 certification will be conducted and what it will mean
* How NG911 calls will be conveyed to the ESInets from service providers
* How NG911 calls will be routed across the ESInets and sent to the Public Safety Broadband Networks.