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Is There a Future for Our Current Frequency Coordination System?

Alan Tilles  (Counsel, Law Offices Of Alan Tilles)

Andrew Maxymillian  (Principal Consultant, Blue Wing Services)

Pass Type: All Access

Track: Policy and Governance, LMR

Format: Panel Session

Vault Recording: TBD

When the FCC created the frequency coordination system in the 1980s, the Part 90 usage landscape was far different. Now, digital technology, coordinator outsourcing, and the need for continued hard eligibility lines are all issues. At the same time, the Regional Planning Committee system is in difficulty in some regions, with retirements and conflicts of interest creating issues. Similarly, anyone can become a microwave frequency coordinator, just by submitting a letter to the FCC. Meanwhile, the FCC's struggles in the 4.9 GHz proceeding show that the Commission wants to be out of the frequency assignment business.

What are new ideas to revitalize and make current system work better for all? With Spectrum Access Systems being adopted for various bands, is there a need for frequency coordination at all? Join us for this frank and interesting talk about how (and whether) to move forward to a system for the 21st Century.