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Incident Response: Building an Effective & Actionable Plan

Sean Scott  (CEO & CTO, SecuLore Solutions)

Location: N261

Date: Thursday, March 30

Time: 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Pass Type: All Access, Standard, Quick Pass Thursday

Track: Cybersecurity, Policy and Governance

Format: Power Session

Vault Recording: TBD

When a crisis occurs, people look to leadership for guidance on what actions to take. Having a solid Incident Response Plan in place is critical to your organization's ability to quickly recover from a cyber attack. Having the proper foundation of cybersecurity training, policies, and plans can make all the difference when a hacker strikes. If an organization is properly prepared, an attack which may have escalated to crippling ransomware, could be a minor cyber-incident with minimal disruption to operations and services or no down time at all. Attend this session to gain expert advice and insights about which cyber defense and incident response strategies are recommended for public safety based on experience working with organizations to respond and remediate cyber attacks.

Objective: Prepare leadership on what they should consider in order to create an effective Incident Response and Recovery Plan and be able to set that plan into action in the event of a cyber attack.

1. Learn how to prepare for a cyber attack so recovery is quick with minimal disruption to operations and services
2. Building an incident checklist (NIST Incident Response Life Cycle)
3. Identify cyber-defense strategies that work for public safety by analyzing past attacks