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How New IFC/NFPA Code Requirements Impact Public Safety Communication Professionals

Dennis Burns  (Director of Public Safety, Advanced RF Technologies (ADRF))

Alan Perdue  (Executive Director, Safer Buildings Coalition)

Gregg Toback  (NSM General Purpose Solutions, Anritsu)

Chris Godwin  (Chief Technology Officer, RF Solutions LLC)

Location: N259

Date: Thursday, March 24

Time: 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

Track: In-Building Wireless

Format: Short Course

Vault Recording: TBD

While authority having jurisdictions (AHJs), like fire chiefs or county inspectors, are ultimately responsible for choosing which codes to enforce, it's important to understand how the new codes will impact public safety communication professionals.

Starting in 2022, International Fire Code (IFC) 510.4 will go into effect, along with a new consolidated code from the National Fire Protection Association, (NFPA) 1225. While the codes are different, there is alignment between both IFC and NFPA across three major areas. The first is alignment on battery backups with both updates requiring 12 hours of battery backup without a generator. There are also new requirements for monitoring of passive devices, including splitters and antennas, something that is already added as a local addendum from AJHs in California's cities of San Jose and Santa Clara but will soon be more widespread across the country.

The change that most impacts public safety professionals and equipment providers is a new requirement for UL 2524 Second Edition Certification in order to be certified code compliant. Understand the UL certification process, including the steps and timelines product teams can expect.

Get timely information on where equipment manufacturers can expect to see the changes adopted faster, and be prepared for widespread AHJ enforcement.


1) Details on new codes coming in 2022 from International Fire Code (IFC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
2) Requirements and process for UL 2524 Second Edition Certification
3) How the changes to IFC and NFPA codes will ultimately impact in-building wireless equipment providers and public safety professionals at large