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Do It Once, Do It Right: Engineering in Public Safety DAS

Dominic Villecco  (President, V-COMM Telecommunications Engineering)

Location: N258

Date: Monday, March 27

Time: 10:00 am - 10:30 am

Pass Type: All Access, Quick Pass Monday

Track: In-building Wireless

Format: Power Session

Vault Recording: TBD

In this presentation, we review two real-life case studies that outline creative engineering problem solving techniques that were used to deliver much-needed, reliable wireless service for public safety facilities.

In the first case study, our client is the EMS facility of a nearby hospital. EMT personnel in the facility use their cellular devices for both personal and professional (FirstNet) communications. While all three major carriers were a part of the hospital system's network, only one had a strong signal. We analyzed coverage for all wireless carriers and identified a "near-far" problem, which we addressed in our successful design.

The second case study outlines an all-too-familiar scenario where a customer hires us to troubleshoot and fix their emergency response radio system after they attempted to install it themselves. We were called in to assist with AHJ testing and certification for a VHF system. After the initial tests the customer attempted to "fix" the problem on their own, but still experienced problems. We worked with the customer through a series of tests and identified multiple issues in the system implementation, which we helped resolve. The system passed and received AHJ certification.