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Deployable Solutions: Connectivity Where - and When - It's Needed

Donny Jackson  (Editor, IWCE's Urgent Communications)

Tim O'Connell  (CEO, Rescue 42, Inc.)

Graham Tait  (Senior Advisor, Hypha)

Sergy Mummert  (Senior Vice President for Global Cloud and Strategic Partnerships, SES)

Lauren Flanagan  (CEO, Sesame Solar)

HP Le  (Frontline Solutions Specialist - Public Safety & Health , Verizon Business Group  - West Region)

Location: N255

Date: Monday, March 27

Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Pass Type: All Access, Quick Pass Monday

Track: Broadband

Format: Panel Session

Vault Recording: TBD

Robust communication is a key component to any response effort, but most communications rely on being able to access a terrestrial network. But what happens when responding outside the coverage area of a terrestrial system, or when a disaster means the terrestrial network is unavailable?

Tried-and-true deployables like SatCOLTs and other large communications vehicle continue to be workhorse solutions in such situations, particularly for lengthier responses. However, these solutions can be limited, in terms of where they can be deployed and how quickly that can get to a scene.

With this in mind, the deployable ecosystem has evolved quickly in recent years, with the development of multiple “bring the network with you” offerings. Designed to support the communication needs of the initial waves of responders arriving at a scene outside the terrestrial-network coverage, these satellite-supported solutions are housed a variety of form factors, from Pelican cases that can be carried to quickly deployable cell sites that can be delivered to a location via, truck, boat or helicopter.

Learn about these various deployable solutions, as well as where—and when—their use is most appropriate.