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Be Careful What You Ask For! The Fast Pace of Change in Cloud Solutions

Christy Williams  (Director of 9-1-1, North Central Texas 9-1-1)

Location: N255

Date: Tuesday, March 22

Time: 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm

Track: 9-1-1 / Control Rooms, Cloud or On-premise Solutions

Format: Power Session

Vault Recording: TBD

As 9-1-1 solution customers, for years we have wanted our voices heard and feedback taken by our vendors. "We want this or that or the product should do this or that." Unfortunately, this is a very slow process. Even the vendors that welcomed feedback had to put it on their roadmap and schedule the changes or enhancements for months and sometimes years down the road. If it was a really good suggestion, perhaps your feedback could be incorporated into the annual or bi-annual update. This all changes with a cloud based solution! Everything moves so much faster and the vendors can be agile and responsive to customer feedback. Great news, right? So what happens when you spend weeks or more developing training for your telecommunicators. You deliver the training and they love the new features. But before the product even goes live, there are more changes and enhancements that were not part of the training. Then you realize this will be the "new norm" and not an exception. Changes, enhancements and fixes are going to happen more frequently and without as much notice and time to develop or change the telecommunicator training and/or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). This requires more than a new training manual, we are going to have to change the expectations of the telecommunicators. Once again, we need to adapt! Come hear about the experiences of NCT9-1-1 as they enter the cloud world.


1. Learn about experiences of a cloud-based implementation and how a 9-1-1 district is working to change the operations in order to make the most of the new technology.
2. This presentation will address the pros and challenges experienced with a 9-1-1 cloud based solution.
3. Attendees will be reminded of the importance of people in NG911 and how we must be intentional in our planning for technology projects to include the needs of the end users.