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Augmented Reality for Incident Command

Ryan Poltermann  (Wireless Communications Research Engineer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Kishan Shetty  (Principal Software Engineer, JANUS Research Group)

David Van Ballegooijen  (General Manager, Western Fire Chiefs Association)

Location: N255

Date: Wednesday, March 23

Time: 4:15 pm - 5:30 pm

Track: Situational Awareness, AI, IoT & Smart-X

Format: Short Course

Vault Recording: TBD

Augmented Reality (AR) allows for the unique opportunity to expand incident command capabilities. Our presentation will cover our experiences both in the US government's prize challenges (NIST PSCR CHARIoT) as well as our approach to operational deployment. Within the CHARIoT Challenge, there were four types of scenarios: wildfire, active shooter, flood, and mass casualty. A short video will be shown of the wildfire interface developed for the challenge and a live demonstration of our approach to operational deployment for the Microsoft Hololens 2. We'll highlight the distinct advantages that AR provides, what it's best suited for, and applications where it will have difficulty being successful. Unique factors such as user ergonomics and control, sharing the knowledge that the AR interface provides, and accumulating data feeds will be covered. That way, the audience will be informed as to the approach that best suits their agency.

Augmented Reality cannot function with data feeds, and there are unique obstacles to aggregating and utilizing sensor data. We'll provide a brief overview of the common obstacles to data integration as well as ways to mitigate them. Our public safety partner, the Western Fire Chiefs Association, will provide their perspective both on AR and data.